Boxing Day Sales | What I Bought

I don’t claim to be some kind of fashionista, I buy most of my clothes based on a few criteria: a) it looks cute, b) it’s practical and c) it’s reasonably priced. My wardrobe is a mismatch of clothes stores and items range in age from a few months old to a few years old. I’ve never been a big clothes shopping person, I usually just buy basic things or cute slogan tees/jumpers. But there came a point in my life where I began to question my style and decided that now is as good a time as any to try switching things up a bit.

With the Boxing Day sales upon us, I decided to have a look around and see if I could find anything different. I went into the sales looking for a nice shoulder bag because I don’t really have one. The two shops I looked at, and ended up buying from, are New Look and H&M. When I was younger I used to buy quite a few things from New Look but as I got older the prices seemed to rise and I just wasn’t into their things anymore.

I bought 3 things from New Look, I had a look at more things (epecially their homeware range) but had to be realistic and realise I didn’t actually need those things… yet. I ended up buying a white bag and two shirts that I thought were super cute on the model, but wasn’t really sure how they’d look on me. When they arrived I tried the shirts on and actually loved how they looked. They’re so far from what I usually wear but I really liked that. I feel like they’re a step towards a more ‘grown up’ wardrobe.


The white shirt got my attention mostly because it’s a ‘Peter Pan Collar Top’ which made my OUAT loving heart very happy. I wore a white strappy top under it but I guess you could rock it without, just don’t wear a black bra under it (or do, it’s your choice). This shirt was only £6 down from £19.99 which I thought was an absolute bargain. I probably wouldn’t have bought it at full price but for £6 I could hardly leave it.


The burgundy shirt caught my attention because I’ve been quite into the jumpers with collars (as you will see further below), so I thought a t-shirt version would be great to have. This shirt was £7 down from £14.99.


The bag is a great size and I love the adjustable strap (a bag requirement for me). It’s perfect for what I need it to be. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure about it being white, I’d have preferred it in black, but with the sales you can’t be picky. I guess I’ll just have to put up with my black clothes marking the back of the bag. (Does that happen to anyone else? Does it just wipe off?) This bag was £9 down from £13, although the actual label said £19.99.

H&M is a more recent shop choice for me. I’ve bought quite a few tops from their in the past and they always seemed good. My only struggle with the store is their sizing. It depends on the kind of shirt as to what size I get, so online shopping from here I was worried that things would either be too small or too big. When these items arrived I tried them on and I loved them all. I bought 2 basic black tops, one strappy top (£2.99 down from £3.99) and one vest top (£2.99 down from £4.99), which I won’t bore you in showing. In addition to these basics I also bought a black sleeveless chiffon shirt (which I wore the black strappy top under). The black sleeveless shirt was £3.99 down from £8.99.


As mentioned earlier, I recently been into jumpers with false shirts underneath. As someone who loves layering but sometimes gets too warm I figured these would be the perfect inbetween. I have a few others in my wardrobe and feel like a semi-functioning adult when wearing them. This jumper was £9.49 down from £19.99.


In addition to these shirts, I also bought a scarf (£5.49 down from £8.99) and canvas wall storage holder (£7.99 down from £12.99) from H&M.

Overall I’m really happy with all of my purchases and I feel like the shirts from New Look will make me look like I have my life together when I really don’t. If I pair the white shirt with the black blazer type jacket I bought from boohoo last year I’ll look like a somewhat put together adult which is both exciting and terrifying.




I know this post is probably a bit late in terms of Boxing Day Sale hauls but I’ve had my mind on other things and it honestly just slipped my mind. Did anyone else grab any bargains in the sales? I’d love to read about what you bought. Send me your links and I’ll give them a read.

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p.s. my room is super small (and messy) so taking these photos was a challenge. Also I’m super awkward, need to brush up on my modelling skills if I’m going to do outfit photos ever again.

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