My Top Songs of 2017 (according to Spotify)

It still feels weird thinking we’re in 2018. I don’t think that’s going to sink in for another couple of months to be honest. Anyway, as most people are aware, Spotify lets you know what your most played songs of the year were so I’m going to tell you what some of my ‘top picks’ were (not all because there’s probably some cringe worthy songs on there).

General Stats
I apparently listened to 33,633 minutes worth of music on Spotify in 2017, which equates to around 23 days. Considering how much I listen to music I thought that’d be higher but obviously not.

My top listened to genre was pop which doesn’t surprise me. I’m a pop kinda girl. In sub-genre terms apparently I listen to ‘Europop’ and ‘Post-teen pop’. After looking up playlists for both of these sub-genres I can confirm that that is exactly my kind of music taste. Nice job Spotify. Also, apparently the average age of listeners of ‘Europop’ is 33 and the average age of listeners of ‘Post-teen pop’ is 26. I am actually 22.

Spotify also told me how many songs I’d skipped last year which I thought was interesting… until I got sassed by Spotify.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 23.32.09

Top Songs
Now for interesting part, what songs was I listening to last year? The playlist Spotify so kindly made features my top 100 played songs across the whole year.

Firstly I’m going to start with the songs that I am impressed, but not entirely surprised, made it to the list. Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine, Emma’s Song and A Happy Beginning. Seeing as though I only binge watched Once Upon A Time in it’s entirety in August/September (yes I was late to the party), to have those 3 songs from the musical episode in Season 6 be up there with songs I’d been listening to since January 2017 is pretty impressive on my behalf, but as I said not surprising. I’d literally be on the treadmill running to those songs or walking to the bus stop and on the bus listening to the soundtrack. I was obsessed with it. It was the best thing ever for a good few weeks.

In the year when Ed Sheeran was unstoppable, putting out hit after hit, I ended up listening to his new music on repeat. 5 of Ed’s songs feature in my ‘most listened to’ playlist: Happier, What Do I Know?, Supermarket Flowers, Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You. What can I say, the songs are catchy?

2017 was the year I really started listening to YouTuber’s music, but mostly dodie and Emma Blackery who both made it in my top songs of 2017 list. 7 of dodie’s songs made it: 6/10, Absolutely Smitten, Sick Of Losing Soulmates, When, In The Middle, Secrets For The Mad and Would You Be So Kind. And 5 of Emma Blackery’s songs also made it: Magnetised, Instead, Don’t Come Home, Human Behaviour and Nothing Without You.

Other artists worth mentioning who had more a few songs feature in the playlist are: Adele, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Kesha and Shawn Mendes.

Music wise I tend to go through phases and after finding the ‘Europop’ and ‘Post-teen pop’ playlists on Spotify I went through and put loads of songs on a new playlist which I will be listening to a lot this year. It’ll be interesting to see what my top songs of 2018 turn out to be.

I hope you liked this post, it’s something a bit different to what I usually post but I kind of liked that. It’s really fun to look back and see what songs you’ve listened to the most. If you liked this style post let me know and maybe I’ll do more of these kinds of things. Maybe I can go through my Netflix viewing history and share what I watched in 2017 and do mini reviews for them?! I don’t know, is that the kind of thing ‘proper’ bloggers do?

Let me know what songs made it onto your Top Songs of 2017 on Spotify. If you haven’t done the thing yet or need the link to go back to you can click here to be taken to the page. Do we have any songs or artists the same? Or if you like any of the songs mentioned let me know. It’d be cool to see what kind of music you all listen to.

Emma Jayne

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