Writingmas: Day Eleven

We have reached the penultimate installment of this Christmas writing challenge. We are back on track and the final part is scheduled for Christmas morning at 11am. If you’re new to this challenge then the idea is I’m attempting to write a short Christmas story posting daily updates up until, and including, Christmas day. If you’ve missed the previous days you can find them here. I hope you enjoy.


Sadie’s time at university soon came to an end, and before she knew it she was a journalism graduate and back living with her parents. Not her most ideal of situations but she hoped it would only be a temporary thing until she could afford her own place. She had spent another birthday and Christmas at home, much to her parents delight but in the New Year Sadie was determined to change her future. She applied for internships locally and further afield. Her dream is to work for a big magazine company, travelling the world as she works.

After months of bitter disappointment, Sadie began searching for alternate jobs as a means of earning money and at least be on the way to saving to move out. Sadie soon began working at the local newspaper and whilst it was experience, it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Not much happened there. Most days were slow. She wanted to get into a big city where life was faster paced. She hasn’t been working at the local paper for long when she heard about an opportunity in a mid sized London based magazine. Sadie didn’t think she stood much of a chance but wanted to try for it anyway. She spoke to her boss, who gave her the perfect reference letter, and applied.

A few weeks after the closing date, Sadie had given up hope. She carried on working at the local paper. One day she was called into the bosses office. Waiting outside Sadie began racking her brains wondering what she could had done to have ended up being called to the office. Once invited inside, Sadie saw that she wasn’t alone. As well as the boss, a woman sat around the table. The woman greeted Sadie and introduced herself as head of a magazine. She went on to explain that she was close friends with the woman in charge of the magazine that Sadie had applied to work for, who recommended her for an alternate magazine, the one this woman ran. After speaking with Sadie’s current boss she wanted to offer Sadie a position as an intern in the travel department. Sadie couldn’t believe her luck and instantly accepted.

Sadie smiled ear to ear all the way home. Upon arriving back at home she excitedly called for her parents. “Mum! Dad!” Leanne came out of the dining room. “Mum I have something to tell you.” She said excitedly. Leanne ushered her to the lounge. The two sat on the sofa. Sadie sensed something was up. “What’s wrong?” She asked, the smile instantly gone.
Leanne placed a hand on Sadie’s leg. “Your Grandad Kevin passed away not long ago.”
Sadie looked shocked. She stared at her mother mouth wide open. Tears began to fill her eyes. “How?” She managed to choke out.
“His heart.” Leanne whispered. “It all happened so quick and we didn’t want to bother you at work.”
“Where’s Dad?”
“In the dining room with your Uncle Nick and Auntie Anna.” Sadie began to stand up and Leanne tried to stop her. “Give them some space.” Leanne half smiled at her. Sadie looked over to the dining room, then back at her mother.
“I’m going to my room.” Sadie whispered before going upstairs. Her day went from best day ever, to worst day ever all in the space of a few minutes.


A week later and it was the day of her grandfather’s funeral. She had yet to tell her parents about the job offer. She didn’t think it was appropriate. Thomas had been hit hard by the death of his father and Leanne was trying her best to console him, Sadie didn’t want to have to tell him that he was about to lose someone else he loved. After the service the family gathered to celebrate Kevin’s life. Sadie was sitting with her cousins Louise, Josh and Grace. None of them really spoke much. Sadie excused herself and went outside to get some air. Once outside she broke down into tears and collapsed to the floor on her knees. She had accepted the new job and was due to start in a few weeks, but with none of her family knowing she didn’t have anyone to help her get ready. Grace had come outside to find Sadie, and upon finding her she joins her cousin on the floor and puts her arms around her.
“Ssshhhh.” Grace whispers as she runs Sadie’s back. Sadie looks up at her in distress. “What’s up?”
Sadie tries to control her breathing enough to explain all to Grace. “I got offered a dream job last week.”
“That’s great.” Grace exclaims.
“Yeah.” Sadie begins. “Only I haven’t had chance to tell my parents because the day I was offered the job was the day—”
“Was the day Grandad died.” Grace finished Sadie’s sentence. Sadie nodded.
“That’s not all. It’s in London. What am I going to do?” Sadie asked.
“You have to take it.” Sadie seemed confused by Grace’s response. She was almost hoping Grace would talk her out of it. “Sadie, dream job opportunities don’t come along very often.”
“I can’t just leave now.” Sadie said. “I can’t do that to my dad.”
“I know how much you love your dad, and how much he you. It’ll be hard for him, but you know he’d tell you to go as well. So would Grandad.” Sadie sat there thinking about it. Grace stood up and held out her hand. “Come on, let’s go back in.” Sadie took her hand and stood up. The two walked back inside, Grace with her arm around Sadie.


There was 2 weeks until Sadie was due to leave for her new job and she still hadn’t told her parents. She hated herself for keeping it from them for so long, but given the circumstances she knew it was for the best. Thomas and Leanne were sat in the lounge, it was now or never. Sadie was pacing the corridor between the stairs and lounge. She took a deep breath and went into the room and stood beside her parents. They both looked up at her.
“I have something to tell you.” Sadie began apprehensively. “I was going to tell you when I found out, but then— Things happened and I couldn’t.” Thomas and Leanne’s faces grew with concern. Sadie took a seat on the chair behind her. “I was offered an amazing job with a great magazine and — I said yes.” Sadie looked over to her parents.
“That’s great!” Leanne exclaimed. “When do you start?”
“2 weeks.” Thomas and Leanne looked at each other and smiled, both clearly proud of their daughter. “There’s something else.” Sadie looked down at her lap. She could feel her parents stares. “It’s in London.” She looked up and saw the look of shock on her parents faces. The three sat in silence.
“Well, it isn’t that far away.” Leanne said trying to soften the blow.
Sadie looked at her father. “Dad? What do you think?”
A small smile appeared on his face. “I think it’s great.”
Sadie knew that her father was only saying that. She saw the hurt on his face. “It’s a great opportunity that I can’t afford to say no to. It’s a dream job and they don’t come around that often.”
Thomas smiled. “Excuse me.” He said as he stood up and headed upstairs.
“Great.” Sadie said after her father had left the room. “I’ve upset Dad.”
“He just needs time. It’s been a rough few weeks for him.” Leanne reached for Sadie’s hand to hold.


It was time for Sadie to move to the city. She had arranged to stay with Luna for the duration of her internship. Luna moved to London to pursue her art passion shortly after Sadie went off to university. Sadie was driving herself as she didn’t want to bother her parents and ruin their plans. Thomas had been quiet since Sadie told him and Leanne she was leaving. It was like a double blow for him. As Sadie packed her car with a few of her things her father joined her outside.
“Sadie?” Her father said to get her attention. Sadie turned to face her father. “I really am happy for you. It’s just been difficult saying goodbye to your grandad and now you.”
“I’ll be back for Christmas. This internship’s only a few months.” Sadie reassured her father.
“Unless you’re so good they want you to stay on.” Thomas said. Sadie shrugged. “You will be great. They’d be stupid not to keep you on.”
“I’m sorry.” Sadie said as she began to hug Thomas.
“What for?” He asked as he held his daughter.
Thomas broke the hug and looked Sadie in the eyes. “You’re not a little girl anymore. As much as that breaks my heart. It’s time for you to live your own life.” Sadie smiled as tears formed in her eyes. “You all set?”
“I think so.” Sadie took a deep breath.
Sadie said goodbye to her parents and began driving to the next milestone in her life; the start of her dream career.


If anyone has any thoughts on this part (or any part so far) or any comments I’d love to hear them. Don’t be afraid to comment below.

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