Writingmas: Day Seven

Welcome to the day seven update. We are finally back on track. If you’re new to this challenge then the idea is I’m attempting to write a short Christmas story posting daily updates up until, and including, Christmas day. If you’ve missed the previous days you can find them here. I hope you enjoy.


Sadie had now finished primary school and was more than ready to go to secondary school, or big school as her parents liked to call it. She had grown up to be a very cheerful person who people instantly loved. Her smile was infectious, just as it had always been to her father. She was everybody’s friend, a person everyone wanted to be around.

It was the summer holidays meaning Sadie had 6 weeks to relax and prepare for the next adventure in her life. The house next door had been unoccupied for a few months after the old couple who lived there decided to downsize and move to the country. A moving van was now parked outside the house. A man in his early fourties stood on the front on the phone. Men began carrying furniture into the house as a young girl got out of the van. As she stood looking at the house she looked at the house next door and saw Sadie standing in her bedroom window. Sadie quickly pulled back her curtain and the girl looked away and began walking over to man on his phone.

“Mum! Dad!” Sadie called as she ran down the stairs. Thomas and Leanne were snuggled up on the sofa and looked over to the stairs to see their daughter who took a seat next to them. “The new neighbours are here. And I think the girl’s my age.” Whilst Sadie was a popular kid she didn’t live near most of the other kids in her school, and whilst they were going to a high school linked to the primary school, Sadie was going to one closer to home and she didn’t know anyone going there.
“Should we go and say hi?” Leanne asked looking at Thomas.
Sadie looked on expectantly. He shrugged. “I suppose so.” Sadie began to smile.
“Let’s go!” She ran towards the front door with Thomas and Leanne slowly following.

The family of three left their house and made their way over to their neighbours front yard. The man was no longer on his phone and was now directing the other men on where to put things in the house. Sadie looked around looking for the girl but she couldn’t see her anywhere. Thomas walked over to the man and began introducing himself. “Hi,” the man turned around, “my name is Thomas. I live next door. This is my wife Leanne and daughter Sadie.” The two shook hands. The man then looked at Leanne and Sadie.
“Hi.” Leanne and Sadie both said. The man and Leanne shook hands before Sadie did the same.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Steven. I also have a daughter, Luna. She’s probably in her room.” Steven looked to Sadie. “You’re more than welcome to go and find her if you want.”
Sadie’s face lit up and she went running off towards their front door.
“Be careful Sadie.” Thomas shouted after her.
“She seems like a sweet girl.” Steven commented.

Sadie gently pushed the front door open and wandered inside. There were still men putting furniture in and boxes lined the corridors. She made sure to keep out of everyone’s way. The house was somewhere she’d spent many an evening when her parents went out for the night. The old couple were like another set of grandparents to Sadie, they loved her deeply just as she did them. She headed upstairs in an attempt to find Luna. Sadie pushed open one of the bedroom doors and found boxes inside. One of the boxes was open and on top was a photo of Luna with a woman. She carefully picked it up and looked at it more closely.
“What are you doing?” Luna asked. Sadie turned around and saw Luna stood in the doorway.
“I’m sorry, I was just looking.” Sadie replied calmly.
“No I mean what are you doing in my house?”
“Your dad said I could.” Luna sighed. She walked over to Sadie and took the photo from her hands. “Is that your mum?” Sadie asked. Luna nodded looking at the photo. “She’s really pretty. Where is she?”
Luna looked up at Sadie and paused. “She’s dead. She died when I was little.”
The smile that was on Sadie’s face had now gone and was replaced by a look of sadness. “I’m sorry.”
Luna shrugged. “Whatever.” Her voice was quiet. The room was silent for a few moments before she spoke again. “I’m Luna.” She held out her hand. Sadie looked at it for a second before stepping forward and shaking it.
“It’s nice to meet you Luna. I’m Sadie. I live next door.” Sadie smiled.
“Yeah I know, I saw you looking out of your window before.” Luna laughed. Sadie looked embarrassed and put her face in her hand. “Want to help me unpack?” Luna asked.
“Sure.” Sadie nodded.

Steven came into Luna’s room to check up on the girls. Luna begged him to let Sadie stay, both giving him the puppy dog eye look. Steven caved and went to check that it was okay for Sadie to stay with Thomas and Leanne. The moving men brought up Luna’s bedroom furniture so that they could start unpacking. Eventually Luna’s bed, wardrobe, side tables and desk were all in place. The girls then spent the next couple of hours unpacking the boxes in Luna’s room and finding a place for everything to go. Whilst unpacking they got to know one another better. Luna spoke about her mum and what life was like where she used to live. Sadie had never moved house before and couldn’t imagine having to move everything in her room to somewhere else.

Once all of the boxes were empty they both lay on Luna’s bed. Over the space of a couple of hours the two had really bonded. Luna was a naturally private and cautious person but Sadie’s charm was enough to let Luna feel comfortable around her. It was getting late and Sadie had to go home for dinner. She said goodbye to Luna and left her to settle into her new room and house.


That summer was one of the best summer’s Sadie has had. Being an only child she often felt lonely because she never had anyone to play with. She was close with her cousins but they couldn’t come round every day. A lot of the time Sadie had to play by herself, but now Luna lives next door she had a constant play buddy. They spend almost every day together playing and causing mischief for their parents. There was only one week left until school started. At the start of the holidays Sadie had been nervous about starting a new school and not knowing anyone, but knowing she had Luna who was in the exact same boat as her made her feel at ease.


Look at that, new characters. I do love adding new people to the mix. They always change the dynamic somehow. I’d love to hear your thoughts, don’t be afraid to comment below.

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