Writingmas: Day Three

Hello and welcome back to day three of my writingmas challenge. If you’re new to this challenge then the idea is I’m attempting to write a short Christmas story posting daily updates up until, and including, Christmas day. If you’ve missed the previous days you can find them here: day one | day two. I hope you enjoy.


With the run up to Christmas fast approaching and Thomas back in work, it was fair to say the couple needed as much help as they could get. As much as they didn’t want to keep passing their daughter off onto other people to look after, they knew they had to sometimes to allow themselves the time they needed to get ready for Christmas. Thomas desperately wanted to make this Christmas a special one, not that Sadie would remember it. He had been documenting certain family experiences since she came home and wanted to do the same for her first Christmas. He planned on doing something special with all the photos so that when Sadie was older she could look back and see how much of an effort her parents put into her childhood, and they could look back and remember all the good times they shared as a family.

Whilst Sadie was at her grandparents house for the day, Thomas and Leanne took the opportunity to decorate the house. They had always enjoyed decorating their house for Christmas and this year they wanted to go even bigger. Whilst Leanne sorted through what they already had, Thomas went out to buy a few extra pieces to complete their own Winter Wonderland. Lights twinkled around each and every window of the house, garlands were hung and the Christmas tree was put up and decorated with yet more twinkling lights. Thomas braved the cold outside to put up, you guessed it… more lights. Light up reindeers, snowmen and a Santa were put up outside, lining the path from the main street pavement to their front door. The final thing to do was to hang the wreath on the door. When all the lights were up Thomas and Leanne stood outside and looked at their house with pride. They really had gone above and beyond any other year.

A few hours later and Leanne’s parents pulled up in the driveway. As Thomas opened the front door to let them in, he noticed a sleeping Sadie in Leanne’s mothers arms and smiled.
“I’ll take her to bed.” He put out his arms to take Sadie from her.
“No need. I can do it. Don’t want to wake her.” She replied.
Thomas, wanting to keep the peace, simply smiled at her and let her pass. Leanne’s father walked in behind carrying Sadie’s baby bag. “How was she?” Thomas asked as he took the bag from him.
“An absolute angel.” Leanne’s father beamed.
“Hi Dad.” She called out from the kitchen. “Do you want a drink?”
“No, we’re going to head off when your mother’s done putting Sadie to bed.”

Quarter of an hour later and Leanne’s mother re-emerged from upstairs. “All tucked in.”
“Thanks for looking after her. We really appreciate it.” Leanne smiled at her mother.
“She was no trouble. We’re happy to have her whenever.”
“Come on love. We should get back.” Leanne’s father said.
“Yes. Well if you ever need our help, just call.” Leanne gave her mother a hug.
“Of course we will.” Leanne replied whilst Thomas clenched his jaw.
“Good night.” Leanne’s mother said as she left.
“Bye Leanne.” Her father gave her a hug.
“Bye Dad.”
“Bye Thomas.”
“Bye.” He replied.

Once they had left, Thomas went upstairs to check on Sadie. He stood in the doorway of ther bedroom and looked on as she slept peacefully.
“Looks like she had a big day.” Leanne looked over his shoulder at Sadie.
“Yeah.” Thomas replied in a monotone voice.
Leanne put her arms around Thomas’ waist and rested her head on his shoulder. “I think I’m going to get a cup of tea and then get ready for bed. Putting up all the decorations really took it out of me.” She laughed gently. “You coming?”
“I’ll join you in a sec.” Leanne could feel Thomas pulling away so she let him go and headed back downstairs.

Thomas tiptoed into the bedroom, over to her cot and sat in the nearby rocking chair. He reached out to Sadie’s outstretched arm through the bars and placed a finger in the palm of her tiny hand. Her hand twitched before gently clinging to her fathers finger.
“Goodnight Sadie, my Princess.” He left his finger in her palm for a few minutes before carefully removing it, standing up and leaning over the cot sides and placing a kiss on her cheek. As he left the room he turned around, checking she was still fast asleep and gently pulled the bedroom door to before going back downstairs to join his wife. Sadie would have to wait until morning to see all of the bright colours that now filled the house.


I know this section is a bit shorter than the previous days but each section will vary in length, some will be longer and some may only be short. I know the story as a whole has been pretty slow so far but I’m hoping that’ll change soon-ish. I have a few ideas that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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