Writingmas: Day Two

Hello and welcome back to day two of my writingmas challenge. If you’re new to this series then you’re in luck because you only have one previous post to catch up on before reading this section. My writingmas challenge is to write a short Christmas themed story with the aim of posting a brand new section each day up until and including Christmas day. To catch up on the previous part of the story click here. I hope you enjoy.


The next morning Thomas arrived at the hospital with a carseat which was occupied by a small bag. As he stood in the doorway silently admiring his family he watched on as his daughter lay in the cot next to Leanne whilst she was getting ready for the day, and the days to follow. He knocked on the door softly and as Leanne turned around the pair smiled at each other.
“Morning.” His smile grew wider. “How did you sleep? How did she sleep?” he asked looking over at his daughter.
“We both slept fine. She barely woke up.” Leanne said whilst leaning over and tickling her daughters stomach.

Thomas put the carseat on the bed and walked over to join his family. As soon as he saw her tiny face, his own lit up. It was a feeling he hoped he’d never get used to. Each time he lay eyes on her his entire being was filled with a sense of pure joy and happiness. “Good morning Princess.” he said with a sing songy voice as he lifted her into his arms. He turned to his wife who was finishing off putting her makeup on and put his available arm around her. “Morning love.” He whispered before kissing her, carefully trying not to ruin her makeup. “Who’s ready to go home today?” Thomas’ smile grew as he gently took a hold of his daughters arm and held it up. Leanne rolled her eyes at him and laughed slightly.

The couple were in no rush to give their daughter a name. It was something they had been thinking of long before Leanne was even pregnant with her, but now they finally had a child they didn’t want to rush a decision. They knew how important a name was and they wanted to make sure that it would be a name the child would suit, not just a name she was given almost like a label.

After one final feeding time in hospital, Thomas grabbed the bag that sat in the carseat and pulled out a tiny fleeced onesie with tiny ears on the hood. Leanne rolled her eyes as she looked at the grin on his face. “She’s going to look so cute.” Thomas reached into the bag again and pulled out a small white bunny blanket. The grin on his face had spread to Leanne’s as she let out a near silent laugh. Thomas lay the items on the bed proudly before kneeling down by the bed and looking up at Leanne expectantly. She looked at him with a look of confusion. Thomas gently patted the bed in front of him and she finally understood. She turned around and grabbed something from her bag on the floor.
“You’ll be needing these then.” Leanne placed a clean nappy, baby wipes and a nappy bag next to the new onesie and then lay their daughter in the space in front of Thomas and watched on as he attempted to dress her. Firstly he had to take off her night onesie which he struggled to unbutton initially. He eventually managed to take it off and successfully changed her nappy before gently putting her into her going home outfit. Once the onesie was on he carefully pulled the hood over her head and awwed at how cute she looked. “Okay I’ll admit that is adorable.” Leanne stated whilst looking at her tiny baby in a seemingly huge onesie. Thomas’ next task was to get her into the carseat. He lifted her up and placed her in the seat, then carefully pulled her arms through the straps and buckled her in. As he stood back up he looked at his little girl, all wrapped up in a fleecy onesie clutching onto the bunny blanket, a small fuzzy bundle all ready to go home.

After checking the room multiple times to make sure they had everything, the family were finally ready to leave. The couple left hand in hand with Thomas carrying Leanne’s hospital bag over one shoulder whilst their daughter was being carried by his alternate hand. Leanne looked radiant, it was hard to believe she gave birth just over 24 hours ago. Walking out of the hospital, Thomas felt like the luckiest man in the world. He couldn’t wait to get home and begin family life.


The newly formed family had been home for a few days and their daughter finally had a name. The pair spent hours looking up girls names and their meanings. After discarding numerous potential names they were stuck between a few.
“I like Evelyn.” Thomas stated.
“But Sadie is such a sweet name.” Leanne pleaded with him. “And you are always calling her Princess.”
“Sadie can’t be shortened.”
“So? It doesn’t have to be.”
Thomas sat thinking for a minute. His facial expression changed from contemplation to acceptance. “Okay if we call her Sadie, her middle name can be Evelyn.”
It was now Leanne’s time to think as Thomas looked at her with puppy dog eyes. She knew she couldn’t say no to him now. “Fine. Sadie Evelyn it is.”
“A perfect name for a perfect girl.” Thomas grinned.


Each morning Thomas would wake with a smile on his face as he’d walk over to Sadie’s crib, where she lay silently awake waiting for her father, pick her up and take her into the kitchen. Thomas didn’t mind waking up early as it meant that Leanne could have an extra few minutes in bed, after all she was the one who would see to Sadie when she woke up in the night. Thomas and Sadie had become inseparable. As much as he felt guilty for spending so much time with her during the day, he wanted to spend as much time with her whilst he could, before he had to go back to work. Each time he looked down at the baby in his arms, her big bright eyes looking into his, he’d feel something he had never felt before. A sense of purpose. A reason to live. He was well and truly besotted with her.

He grabbed a bottle from the fridge and began warming it up. Whilst he waited he’d sing songs to her, just as his mother had to him when he was a baby. Once the bottle was the right temperature he’d make his way to the lounge where he would sit and feed her. By the time Leanne came downstairs, Sadie would already be halfway through her feed. Leanne gave Thomas and Sadie a good morning kiss each before heading into the kitchen to make breakfast for the pair of them. This had become their morning routine since they arrived home with Sadie. Once she was all fed and burped, Thomas would place her in her moses basket whilst the adults ate their breakfasts. And once breakfast was over he’d was up the dishes and tidy the kitchen whilst Leanne cleaned and dressed Sadie for the day.

Their lives had become some choreographed routine. No words were needed. They both did their fair share of looking after Sadie. Life may be calm for now, but a big event was fast approaching them. Sadie’s first Christmas.


Thank you for reading part two, I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to hear your feedback, any thoughts etc. I hope you’re all having great days.

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