Writingmas: Day One

Hello and welcome to day one of my ‘writingmas’. If you missed my previous post explaining the concept then allow me to explain briefly here. After deciding that blogmas would be too much added stress I decided to write a short Christmas themed story with the aim of posting a section each day up until and including Christmas day. I am calling this my ’12 Days of Writingmas’. I don’t claim to be the best of writers (I know I am far from it), but I do however enjoy writing cutesy style stories and I hope you enjoy this one. It’s going to be filled with cheese, fluff and everything else that a stereotypical Christmas story/movie script has.


Young couple Leanne and Thomas were expecting their first child following a few years of struggle. When Leanne found out she was pregnant she was excited but also scared, as was Thomas. They’d been pregnant before but Leanne miscarried. The two desperately wanted a family together but feared it would never happen. This pregnancy was different. Leanne felt different and once they were past 12 weeks, they were more optimistic as her previous miscarriages had happened earlier on in the pregnancies.


The day had finally arrived. It was a cold November morning when their families lives were about to change. As soon as the baby was born, both parents were overcome with a sense of joy complete shock, in the best possible way. Neither of them could believe their luck. They finally had the thing they had both longed for, a child.
“It’s a girl.” One of the midwives said with a smile on her face. Leanne and Thomas looked at each other with nothing but pure joy across both of their faces. Once the midwife had cleaned the baby she handed her to Leanne. Thomas perched on the bed and looked at his daughter all bundled up in his wives arms. A single tear rolled down his right cheek.
“We did it.” Leanne proudly stated as she looked up into Thomas’ eyes.
“No, YOU did it.” he whispered in response before kissing her on her forehead. The two looked at each other, both with tears in their eyes, both with huge smiles on their faces and then looked down to the little girl that was there’s. The three of them cuddled together on the bed; Thomas with one arm around Leanne, the other hand stroking his daughters cheek. The family they had long yearned for was now here.


That evening family members came to greet the new arrival. Each bearing gifts for mother and baby; cards, flowers, balloons, teddies and sweet treats to name but a few. The baby was passed from grandparent to grandparent and from aunt to uncle. Thomas’ eyes never left his baby girl. It was as if he was worried something bad would happen to her and he’d be the one to swoop in and save her life. At less than 12 hours old and unnamed, Thomas already knew that he would sacrifice his life for his daughters at the drop of a hat if necessary. After everyone got a hold and cuddle from the baby, she was finally passed to her mother ready for feeding time. Everyone said goodbye to the family and left them in peace. Thomas knew he too would have to leave soon, but he wanted to stay just a little bit longer.


It was getting late and Thomas knew he would have to leave soon, or he wouldn’t leave at all. He looked over to the bed and saw both his wife and daughter asleep. He quietly stood from his chair, walked over to the bed and gently took his daughter into his own arms. “Come on Princess.” he mumbled whilst doing so. As he held this small bundle of innocence in his arms, he looked at her and watched her chest rise and fall as his eyes filled with tears once again. His gaze drifted to his wife and then back to his daughter. A smile grew on his face as he tried to come to terms with his new life. He gently rocked her and began singing a lullaby as he walked over to the window. The night sky was filled with bright stars. The moon was full in the sky, glowing onto her small face. As the stars shone brightly, she began wriggling and slowly opened her eyes whilst stretching out her arms. The universe was saying hello and goodnight to one of its newest creations, just as she was saying hello back. Her tiny eyes looking up into space with no concept of just how big the universe truly was.

He stayed stood at the window singing to his daughter for a while longer. She had fallen asleep again. Thomas looked at his watch and opened his eyes wide. It was time for him to leave. He had to make sure that everything at home was ready for when she came home. “Daddy has to leave now Princess.” he whispered as a slight lump gathered at the back of his throat. He didn’t want to say goodbye to her, he never wanted to have to say goodbye to her. Not when he had waited this long to meet her. “But don’t worry, I’ll be back in the morning. And then you’re coming home.” he smiled. He turned around and began walking towards her cot. He kissed her gently on the forehead before carefully setting her down. “Goodnight my Princess.” he whispered into her left ear before laying a final kiss on her cheek. He quietly put his jacket on, being very careful as to not wake either of his girls. He went to kiss his wife goodbye, “I’ll see you in the morning. Get a good night’s sleep. I love you.” He pulled the blanket further over her body so she wouldn’t get cold. As he left the room he took one last look at his family. He made a promise then and there to never walk out on his family ever again. He wanted them to be together, always. It wasn’t just a child that was born that day, but a new small family as well.


Thank you for reading part one, I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to hear your feedback, any thoughts etc. I hope you’re all having great days.

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