12 Days of ‘Writingmas’?!

As you can tell from my lack of posts this month, I decided not to do blogmas for the simple reason that I didn’t want to deal with the stress of daily blogging for an almost whole month. All of my posts from last blogmas are still up, but I’ll probably delete them in the new year beacuase I’m not entirely sure I like them.

This Christmas, I still wanted to do something creatively festive so I decided to write a short Christmas story. In something I’m tentatively calling ’12 Days of Writingmas’ (is that a thing??) I will be posting a new section of the story daily from tomorrow (14th December) up to and including Christmas morning. I have no idea if this plan will actually stick because I only have a small part of the story already written, the rest is only planned out loosely. I’m really not the best at forward planning and scheduling ahead of time, I’m more of a ‘do things on an impulse’ kinda girl.

The story is 100% cheese and fluff but it’s Christmas so what do you expect? I’m not the best writer but I hope you’ll enjoy reading the story and hopefully it will give you some warm fuzzy feels.

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