Moving Forward? | Week Four

Welcome to week four of my gym series. I apologise if any of these posts have been boring to read but I really want to document my journey more for my own benefit than sharing a story with others. If you want to catch up on previous posts in this series by clicking here.

This week is kind of a breakthrough week for me. I’ve been going to the gym for 4 weeks now and although I haven’t noticed big changes, I’m noticing small changes which I hope will in turn become bigger changes. At the end of last week I was ready to have an off week because I was feeling defeated and all round quite crappy. I allowed myself to compare myself to others, others who have probably been going to the gym for much longer than me. The weekend before I managed to convince my best friend to join the same gym and after doing so it gave me a reason to keep going. Something just clicked and I realised I can’t give up on everything I have achieved up until now. My gym week began a bit later but I’m determined to go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

On Wednesday I went to the gym with my friend to show her around and get her used to things. We began on the treadmill and as usual I kept it to a fast walk BUT I did eventually run, if only for a short time. I’d class that as a somewhat success considering the idea of running in public terrifies me. Sometimes you need to take baby steps to achieve. After about 15/20 minutes on the treadmill we went on the biked for a bit. I like doing the ‘rolling hills’ because you get frequent resistance, as if you’re going up a hill. We stayed on the bikes for probably about 15 minutes. I showed my friend some of the weight machines and then she suggested going on the rowing machines, which I hadn’t tried yet. We found 2 rowing machines next to each other and began rowing. At first I found it weird but I ended up really enjoying it. I managed to row over 1500m in about 10 minutes. I thought that this day was a success for me. I actually ran on a treadmill and tried the rowing machines and enjoyed it.

Thursday I’d booked on to the Body Combat class with my friend. I was preparing myself for torture after the last one but it wasn’t actually too bad. There were certain points where I had to just take a moment and then carry on. Combat is a very full on and intense class that I suppose theoretically gets easier the more you do it, like most things. I came out of the class feeling good and like I’d done better than I had the first time I’d done it. For some reason I decided it’d be a great idea to go on the rowing machine afterwards. I soon realised that my arms and legs were tired but at the point of getting tired I was already past 500m so pushed through until I’d rowed 1000m. I completed the length in 5 minutes which I was impressed with. Determination will get you far in life kids.

Saturday morning and I was back in the gym, surprisingly. After getting changed, and fully waking up, I headed to the treadmill and decided to do 20 minutes warm up before my 10:30am class. I usually don’t listen to music whilst in the gym because a) I’m either with someone else or b) I can’t be bothered and there’s music playing on the TVs anyway. However, this time I came prepared with a 19 minute ‘playlist’ which consisted of the Once Upon A Time musical episode soundtrack, which I totally hadn’t been listening to on the bus to the gym as well. I walked confidently, but tentatively, over to the treadmills. More specifically my favourite treadmill which is around a corner and out of the way. I pressed play on my music and began fast walking and then ventured into a jog/run. I’d also like to note that this was my first solo treadmill run. After about 10 minutes my friend joined me and when my 20 minutes was up I headed back to the changing rooms to put my headphones away. I then headed to the studio area and began setting up for the pump class. I used the same weights as I did the week before because I’m not ready to jump up to the red weights. The class was good, but it was a struggle. The 3 pump classes I have been to have all been different instructors (one was a virtual instructor). I guess each instructor has different methods and trying out different instructors helps you find the one that you feel more comfortable with. I say I enjoy pump classes and I do, but with my lack of arm muscles it’s tough. I end up feeling the burn in my shoulders for days afterwards. No pain no gain.

This week has been a really strong week for me, considering I wanted to give myself the entire week off, I’ve kept up my ‘routine’ and still been 3 times. I feel like the next venture for me is to try completely different classes. The thought of that alone terrifies me, but I don’t want to end up being stuck in my own rut doing the same things over and over again because I’ll end up getting bored and giving up completely, and I really don’t want that to happen.

Just wondering what people are thinking of these posts. Are they boring? Is there anything else you’d like to know? As much as these posts are for me, I want them to be interesting for the people who do read them. What else could I include to keep things interesting?

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