Childsplay | Week Three

Welcome back to my gym series. If you’re new to this series, or even my blog, then you can check out previous posts here. This week I went to two classes and did a bit of free gyming.

On Tuesday I did a body pump class which I enjoy doing because it really works out arms, shoulders and legs all in one. For my first pump class I used the smaller weights because I had no experience with weights. I refer to the weight plates by their colour, so the yellow plates are the lightest and then the blue ones are the next ones up. For this class I decided to use the yellow weights for the warm up, then yellow and blue weights for the leg exercises and then just the blue for the arm exercises. Going up even the small weight I did might not seem that big a deal but I feel glad that I pushed myself to that weight and pushed myself to do as many reps as I could to keep up with the instructor. I still can’t do push-ups but that’s something I’m working towards.

On Thursday I decided to free gym whilst my friend was in a class, I couldn’t bear to do another combat class just yet. I went on the bike for a while (as is normal) and the decided to try the treadmill. I wasn’t brave enough to actually run, but I had the speed as fast as I could sustain walking fast. Honestly I was just proud of myself to have gone on a treadmill alone and done something for a length of time.

Friday was another class day, this time it was a playground class that consists of playground type activities. It was basically obstacle courses with mats and steps, weights etc where only your hands could touch the mats and feet on the steps etc. It was during this class that I had a slight breakdown and felt like giving up, I will go more into that in next weeks gym update.

That’s all I have to say about that week, it’s kind of only a short update post. I don’t feel I really achieved anything during this week. I’ve already started writing what is the next weeks post, but is actually this week in reality. I’m going to try and get these posts up more closely to the week finishing, perhaps a Sunday, rather than writing a week behind because I am so bad at writing posts in advance and scheduling them.

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3 thoughts on “Childsplay | Week Three

  1. Another great post – have you noticed any changes in your weight yet? I ask because I would like to join gym classes like this, my gym has a few but i’ve only ever done spinning classes – just want to know whether your gym experience has been beneficial yet ? x


    1. I honestly haven’t been tracking weight. I haven’t weighed myself in years. I was going to start tracking to see if what I’m doing is having an effect. I’d say the classes are beneficial, at least for me anyway. It’s a great way for me to get to grips with certain exercises and equipment. Also, being in a group I don’t feel as self conscious because everyone’s doing the same thing. I don’t really enjoy spin class but I love doing time on the bikes at my leisure. I’ve generally stuck to the same classes since I started going so it’d be nice for me to try out new ones, it’s just being brave enough to actually do it x

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      1. Well I wish you the best of luck with your gym & weightloss! Sometimes it is best to not use scales but go on how your clothes feel. When I joined my gym, I wore the same black hoody and it was a size 14 and too tight on my back and hips – it was really slim fitted too. It’s now actually way to baggy for me, and when me and my partner started noticing that it looked huge on me, thats when I knew I was losing weight. I’d actually suggest buying a cheap t-shirt thats in the size you want to be and keep trying it on once a month. & as for gym classes, I am going to try some new ones too x


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