I’ll Do A Reverse Plank (Lie Down) | Week Two

Hello and welcome back to my ‘Going To The Gym’ series. If you’re new to this series then you can check out the previous post(s) here.

Tuesday was my first solo gym trip, and it was also the first time going to the other gym in town (I have multi gym access). I had to get the bus because I can’t drive so I was walking to the bus stop and I noticed a few people looking at me wearing my gym gear. I actually stared one guy down as he drove past. It’s not like I was only wearing a sports bra and short shorts, I was wearing a baggy hoodie and leggings.

Upon arriving at the gym I was greeted with the ‘cryogenic chamber’ entry doors. After gaining access I looked around and was instantly overwhelmed. It definitely was more gym like and filled with your stereotypical gym guys. During my induction I was told how to use equipment and which pieces to use to gain muscle and break down fat etc. Afterwards I went on the bikes for a while before I had to leave to get the bus home.

I had a day off on Wednesday but on Thursday I was back in the gym and ready to work hard. I was booked onto a body combat class but decided to arrive early to ‘warm up’ which I did on the bikes. After just over half an hour I got off and headed to the changing rooms to cool down before heading over to the studio. The body combat class was pretty brutal for someone who has minimal arm strength and who’s longest amount of time with arms in the air is when I’ve french braided my hair. The idea is that you’re light on your feet but I’m literally like an elephant. The 45 minute class was eventually over and my body ached so bad. I was going to stay afterwards and use one of the weight machines but I was too tired and achy so I just left and headed to the bus station. When I got home my muscles did ache but it wasn’t that bad.

Friday was my ‘usual’ spin and pump class routine, although I didn’t go to the pump class instead my friend and I did our own thing with free weights and then went on the treadmill for a while. This was my first proper time on the treadmill (following my brief trial in my induction) and it was like learning to walk again. Although I didn’t technically run, it was a start.

That marks the end of week two in the gym. I am currently into week three, which I will blog about soon (hopefully this weekend).

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