I Joined The Gym?! | Week One

If you follow me on Twitter you might know that I recently joined a gym and have already been to two classes. Going to the gym is something I’ve always thought of doing but hasn’t been something I previously thought I could either afford or would enjoy. Whilst the price tag isn’t necessarily cheap, if you go to regular classes or even just want to go for a regular workout it soon pays for itself.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll remember my ‘Goals For 2017’ post where I said that I wanted to get more active. I’m not a fan of just going out for a run because there’s always too many kids hanging around and it just makes me anxious. I don’t know why I thought the gym would be better, probably because everyone is there to work out, but I decided to go for it. (My friend also may have convinced me with the promise of being a summer gym buddy, for what’s left of it).

Last week I went to sign up for the gym, put in my card details to pay for the membership and it wouldn’t accept my card which I though was strange. After double/triple checking the numbers matched I wondered what the problem was. I then went to look at my phone, that was charging up at the time, and I saw that I had a text.


Whilst I appreciate that my bank clearly takes fraud seriously (this kind of thing has come in handy previously) I can’t help but also take it as a slight dig. Even my bank is questioning why I’m joining the gym. Do they have no belief in me? Are the secretly laughing at me for wanting to join a gym? They’re just sat there like “Emma wants to join the gym? All she does is eat and she hardly ever exercises.” Nice to know my bank don’t agree with my new lifestyle choices.

(But in all seriousness I know it’s probably because my card has been frauded before for fitness products so I appreciate that my bank is checking).

As an official member of a gym I was then tasked with actually considering going. My friend sent me a list of the classes she was attending so I decided to join her for the Friday classes.

On the Friday morning we pulled up at the gym and I got ready to start a new path in my life. My first task was actually just getting into the gym. I can only describe the entry ‘doors’ as cryogenic chambers with keypads next to them where you put your PIN in. So I put my number in, the front door opened, I stood in the chamber, the door closed behind me and then the front door slid open. Weirdest experience ever. As I looked around I was quite shocked. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect, like I’ve ever seen the inside of an actual gym before. It just didn’t strike me as a very big place, I thought it would be bigger and have more stuff. My friend led me to the locker room where I put my bag in a locker. Literally my bag had deodrant, perfume and a drink in. I don’t know what’s supposed to go in a gym bag. We set off to our first class, spin class, and I had no idea what I’d let myself into. My friend had told me on the way there to take everything at my own pace and basically ignore the instructor if I wanted. I sit on this bike and already my butt is hurting. Why can’t they make the seats more comfortable? It’s like some form of torture. The actual class was pretty intense. After about 10 minutes I could feel my legs shaking because I’m not used to using them so much. I was so glad when it was over so I could get off the bike. Although I found it hard, it was a good workout. We had about 5/10 minutes before our next class started so I headed to our locker and got my phone which I foolishly left there (old habits from work) so I couldn’t take a gym selfie. The next class, body pump, was also intense but in a different way. It worked the arms so my legs had a bit of a rest. I enjoyed that class because upper body strength is something I need to work on. Whilst I’m pretty good at carrying heavy weights, lifting them above your head is more difficult. I don’t know if I preferred this class because it was a virtual instructor or I just genuinely enjoyed it more.

After spending almost 2 hours in the gym, we got our things together and left. I felt quite proud of myself for pushing myself so far. I never would have imagined myself doing so much on my first visit to the gym. If someone was to have said to me I’d be doing a spin class and body pump class and actually end up enjoying it, I’d have laughed in their faces. Exercise has never really been something I enjoyed. I’ve always been physically bigger than other people my age, both in height and general size. Doing PE in school was something I dreaded, but now exercise is something I’m wanting to get into so I can improve my fitness and actually run for longer than 2 minutes without getting out of breath. Losing weight in certain areas would also be nice but we’ll have to wait and see.

This post is short because I technically joined the gym early in the week and only went for the first time on the Friday. I’ll keep this a running series mostly to document my progress (if I make any) and to share my journey if anyone is interested in following along.

Are any of you a member of a gym? What was your experience starting out? Do you have any advice on how to make the most of it? Or any advice on how to actually enjoy it? Is anyone thinking of joining the gym and want to have someone to share the experience with? Let me know. I’d love to hear other people’s experiences of going to the gym or connect with people embarking on the same journey as me.

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7 thoughts on “I Joined The Gym?! | Week One

  1. Hi Emma!! Congrats on joining your first gym! I sometimes forget that there are people who are just starting their fitness journey out there, and I’m glad I made it to your post.
    I’ve been a gym goer for about 5 years, and learned quite a few things along the way, and I’d like to give you a few tips. Weight loss is quite simple, eat less calories than your body is burning. That is called a deficit. Be aware of how much you eat/burn off (roughly), so you don’t eat more than you burned. An hour of spinning class burns around 600 calories, as does an hour of body pump. That is a total of ~1200 calories. That is quite an accomplishment for the first time at the gym, however you’ll soon find that you get extremely tired afterwards, and Hangry!! Try shooting for one hour of spinning or one hour of body pump at the time. And before these classes, or any other exercise you do, don’t forget stretching!!
    Lastly, enjoy your fitness journey. It will not be the same as you started, you’ll learn many things along the way, so my advice is don’t ever get discouraged and keep going, those endorphins are totally worth it!!

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    1. Hey! Thank you so much for your comment! I know the basics of how to burn fat etc because the PT I had my induction with went through that kind of thing. For me it’s about adjusting my ways. Ways that have been embedded in me for a long time. After my first set of classes I did feel good, probably because it was the first proper exercise I’d done in a long time. The fitness journey for me is very scary, as is the thought of even going to a gym. I’ve never had much self confidence so it’s going to take a while to build up. I’m determined to keep at it and keep trying out new classes/equipment/exercises etc. I just need to get over the fear first.

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      1. It will get so much better. I started with cardio because I was scared of being around the machines. Then I moved on to machines, and I was terrified of trying free weights due to the thought of being judged by the guys there. Now I’m in the free weights area, with so much more confidence than I had at the beginning of my journey. It feels pretty badassy. It’s ok to have fears, and know you’ll overcome them. I wish you good luck!!!

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      2. I’ve found myself sticking to cardio when alone. I want to try moving onto the weight machines but there’s always so many people around and I get scared. I guess the time you goes determines how busy it will be. The free weight area is intimidating but I’ll get there. I’m still on the tiny weights because I have 0 arm strength. I aspire to be a badass in the gym. I’ll keep the weekly updates going so I can track my progress and share stories etc 😊

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  2. Omg – I read this post after following your blog by chance and it literally sounds like my exact experience – even down to the chamber doors! I’d really love if you’d give my post a read. its actually you – (but me) 6months down the line so I think it may actually help you. I’ve been the big friend all my life, but found it really hard to stick to the gym. If you want to give my post a read – it’s the latest one on my archives. Thanks for this post – I followed ! x

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    1. Hey! I just read your post and I can see myself in your beginnings. I’ve always been the bigger friend as well (even bigger kid in general). I had a bit of a hiccup on Friday where I literally broke down and felt like giving up. I wanted to give myself time to pluck up the courage but my best friend joining the same gym motivated me to carry on. I will talk more about that in later posts though, if you want to keep up with this ‘series’. Thanks for the follow, I’ll be sure to follow you back 🙂 x

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      1. Deffo keep at it! I have days like Friday most weeks but its important to keep soldiering on. Going with someone is a great way to get motivated. I go with my boyfriend who is a body builder and at first I was like ”everybody’s looking at him then looking at me like Why is he with her?’ but now we know all of the regulars in the gym and I feel more comfortable. What I would advise you is to go a few times by yourself, I know you have done, but do it more to get 100% confident in the gym. A few years back I joined a gym with my cousin and after a few weeks she stopped going and because I’d gone every day with her I was too scared to go by myself and so I packed it in. I will definitely follow this series, I love it already! x

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