Superdrug Haul

I feel like this post will be the most ‘bloggery’ blog post I’ve written to date. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I bought a load of things from Superdrug (both in-store and online).


I went to my local Superdrug store to see if they had any e.l.f. products in (spoiler alert, they didn’t) but I also went in to look at a few other brands for a comparison post (more on that later).

I always thought that cruelty free brands would cost a fortune but after some investigation and help from this blog post I was able to not only see which brands were cruelty free, but also which cruelty free brands were available in Superdrug (aka the place I buy 99.9% of my make up). So I chose 3 cruelty free brands (e.l.f., MUA and Collection), selected similar items from each brand to create a similar look and purchased/ordered them. In this post I’ll show you what I bought, give you a few first impressions about the products and rate the overall ‘natural look’ created.

I’ve never really purchased any items from MUA, apart from a red lipstick which I love, so I thought it’d be nice to my shopping spree with this brand and see what they have that I can make a regular purchase.


I selected items that are staples in my everyday makeup routine (foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner and mascara) as well as a few extras for a more glam look (highlight, contour and lipstick). I also took the opportunity to buy a couple of primers as it’s a product I’ve never used before.

When I first applied the foundation I thought it was too dark and I thought for sure that the concealer would be too light against the foundation, but they actually blended really well. Using the loose powder (a new addition to my makeup collection) on top really helped to balance out the colours and create a skintone that was more for me. I would highly recommend using those 3 products together as they worked great for me.

Moving onto the eyeliner. Unfortunately I didn’t like this eyeliner that much. I always buy the felt tip eyeliner as I feel I have more control over the line, however this was only a very thin eyeliner. I mean that in the sense that the thickness of the actual product was much smaller than other felt eyeliners I’ve used. I found that I had to keep putting the lid on and shaking it, almost forcing the eyeliner to come out. Again, other felt liners I’ve used are much more fluid and constant. This one just didn’t match up to my usual standard.

I loved the mascara wand and it made my lashes look super nice, almost like I was wearing false lashes. The mascara literally did amplify my lashes without caking them in goo. The contour and highlight was also really nice. I found that the contour was a bit dark for my skin tone but I just used some loose powder and a brush and it blended in quite nicely. The lipsticks are also really nice, I purchased a black lipstick purely because why not and I think that with the right makeup look it would look really nice.

The ‘Wonder Vanishing Cream Primer’ was really weird for me, probably because I’ve never used primer before, but it didn’t feel the way I expected. I almost expected a cream or something a bit more solid, not a mousse which it was. It applied really nice, and makeup applied nicely to it, but it does feel weird on. Like I said, maybe that’s just me because I’ve never tried primer before.

Overall I was really impressed by the MUA products I bought. As a whole, I’d give them about a 7/8 out of 10 based on the overall look created.

I’ve actually been using a few Collection products for a while now but when looking for my everyday makeup items (foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner and mascara) and   glam look items (highlight, contour and lipstick) I decided to go with alternative items for the current ones I use, except for one item which I just love.


Initially I wasn’t sure I’d purchased the right shade of foundation. I’m so used to buying the lightest shade however the lighest shade in the Lasting Perfection range looked too light so I ended up buying the Ivory instead of Porcelain. The outside looks darker than the actual foundation and I found that it was actually a pretty good match for my skin. I’ve had Collection concealer before, but it was the concealer stick (check my beauty favourites post), but I’ve heard so many bloggers talking about how amazing the Lasting Perfection concealer is so thought I’d go for it. I worried about the matching of foundation to concealer colours but they were fine. The concealer was really good at hiding my dark circles. Another product I’ve already used is the Collection Pressed Powder, so this time I decided to use the Sheer Loose Powder to see how it compares. Honestly I wasn’t that keen on it, the powder goes a long way but it made my skin look really dark. Maybe I got the wrong shade, but for now I’ll be sticking with the Pressed Powder.

I absolutely love the Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner and have been rebuying it for a while now. I just love the fluidity of it and the colour is intense which is just how I want my eyeliner to look. I also love Collection’s Fast Stroke Defining Mascara so thought I’d try their Supersize Fat Lash mascara. I really liked this mascara however I wouldn’t say it gave any more supersized lashes than the Fast Stroke Defining Mascara does.

The contour kit has great colours (I actually used them for eyeshadow) but the contour was a bit too dark for my skin tone. Even with blending in with loose powder I feel the colour was too dark and just didn’t look right. Perhaps next time I’ll use less contour and blend it out more to create a more natural contour. The highlighter side of the kit was amazing. I was actually amazed by how good it was, even against other ‘bigger’ brands. I also loved the Velvet Kiss Lip Cream in the shade Rosie. It applies really well and looks really nice.

I really do love the Collection products I purchased however I’m not sure the look was the natural look I was going for. Based on this, I’d give them about a 5/6 out of 10 based on the overall look created.

This is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for a while but because it was never really available in the UK I never purchased anything. Now that e.l.f. is stocked in selected Superdrug stores and online I went a bit crazy and splurged. Believe me when I say that at first I had selected so many more lipsticks, I had to hold myself back and only pick a few.


I had no idea what to expect from e.l.f. products. I’ve heard lots of people talking about them in the past but I didn’t know if it was all just hype. Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t just hype, they really do have incredible products.

Starting with the foundation, it applies really well with a beauty blender. The coverage is great, I only needed a pump and a half to do my whole face. The concealer is a great colour match for the foundation. The only thing is because it’s a stick it takes more blending but it does blend in well. The loose powder is also really good. It does come with an applicator but I personally prefer to use a brush.

The felt tip liner is great. The liner is very fluid, and you have total control over it. The only thing I will say is that the actual outer shell is quite thick, at least it’s thicker than my usual eyeliner. It feels a lot more like a marker pen than a normal pen. The mascara was also very nice. I’m really not very good at describing mascara.

The colours in the contour/blush kit were great. The contour wasn’t too dark for me and really did create the natural look I was going for. The blush is also a really nice colour. The highlighter looks amazing in the container but upon application it doesn’t really show up that well. I tried to put multiple layers on but it didn’t really seem to build. The matte lip colour was really nice. In it’s pencil like form it’s easy to apply.

After not knowing what to expect from e.l.f. I was really impressed. In terms of creating a natural makeup look it really did succeed. For this reason, I’d give the products a 9/10.

The reason I bought 3 brands worth of everything was to do a comparison to see which brand/products work best for me. I really want to make the transition from ‘normal’ makeup to cruelty free makeup. Below are the looks I created using some of my new purchases. Further down in the post I have listed all the products I bought, how much they cost and starred the ones used in the looks below. If you’d be interested in seeing a post (or maybe a video) about how I do my makeup let me know.



*MUA Professional Wonder Primer | £5.00
*MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation – Ivory | £4.00 (bought at £3)
*MUA Cover & Conceal Wand – Fair | £1.50
*MUA Professional Loose Setting Powder | £4.00
*MUA Luxe Broze & Sculpt Contour Kit – Light/Medium | £5.00 (bought at £4.00)
*MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter – Iridescent Gold | £3.00
*MUA Eye Define Felt Liner – Black | £2.00
*MUA Amplify Mascara – Black | £3.00
*MUA Matte Lipstick – Scarlet Siren | £1.00
MUA Pro Base Smooth, Set & Prime | £5.00
MUA Matte Lipstick – Peachy Keen | £1.00
MUA Lipstick – Raven | £1.00
MUA Sweet Sheen – Cherry Bomb | £2.00
MUA Sweet Sheen – Rouge Rumba | £2.00

*Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation – Ivory 2 | £5.99
*Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1 | £4.19
*Collection Sheer Loose Powder – Barely There 1 | £2.99
*Collection Contour Kit 1 | £4.19
*Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner – Black 1 | £2.99
*Collection Supersize Mascara – Ultra Black | £2.99
*Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream – Rosie | £2.99
Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream – Cotton Candy | £2.99
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick – China Rose | £2.99

*e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation SPF15 – Porcelain | £7.50
*e.l.f Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick – Fair/Light | £5.00
*e.l.f. High Definition Powder Sheer 331 | £7.50
*e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder – Fiji 604 | £5.00
*e.l.f. Baked Highlighter – Moonlight Pearls 704 | £5.00
*e.l.f. Intense Ink Liquid Eyeliner – Blackest Black | £4.50
*e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara – Black | £4.50
*e.l.f. Matte Lip Colour – Rich Red | £4.40
e.l.f. Matte Lip Colour – Scarlett Night | £4.50
e.l.f. Matte Lip Colour – Cranberry | £4.50
e.l.f. Velvet Matte Lipstick Colour – Ruby Red | £4.50
e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lipstick – Touch Of Nude | £6.00

Items marked * indicate which products I used to create the brand look.

Sidenote: Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 on selected Make Up & Accessory products. Bonus for any Superdrug Health & Beautycard owners, you can also get triple points on selected cosmetics so you can save on future purchases.


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