imemmajayne goes daily?!

I suck at posting on Instagram. I honestly don’t know how I have any followers because I literally hardly ever post anything. I’m not good at the whole taking aesthetic pictures of things like so many bloggers are. Photography is something I enjoy but I hardly ever go anywhere worth photographing.

Over the years I’ve been into photography I have collected a number of photographs. As photography is something that I see myself doing in some aspect of a career, I want to start documenting my photographs from years past.

I mentioned in my Goals For 2017 post that I wanted to take part in a photo-a-day challenge but felt unable to commit due to the boring life I lead. Now I’d like to take on that challenge, but instead of having to take a new photo each day, I’ll draw from my photography collection.

I can’t commit to a full 365 day challenge as just the thought makes me terrified. However, I will try my hardest to post most days and keep my Instagram account as active and true to me as possible. I want my Instagram to be a place to document all different creative works, almost like a portfolio of what I can do/have done.

I plan to start this more regular posting ‘schedule’ on 1st July. This gives me a bit of time to sort through all of my photographs and find ones that are Instagram worthy. I don’t want this ‘project’ to be something I spend ages thinking about. My Instagram feed probably won’t have a running theme, it’ll simple be a collection of photographs I am proud of and like.

I will try and write a sizable caption with a few posts, commenting on either the context of the photograph itself or how my day has been. I’ve been inspired by dodie‘s captions recently and feel they’d be a great way to pass on information/thoughts/ideas to people without forcing them to read it. Long captions don’t clog your feed (they get cut off after so many lines) and you only have to read them if you’re actually interested. Longer captions are also a great way to keep active with creative writing even if you have a mental block. You don’t have to worry about characters, plots, dialogue. It’s just a place to dump your thoughts. And even if you don’t want to read the captions, you’re still getting to enjoy the photograph. It’s a win-win situation.

If you enjoy photography then make sure you’re following my Instagram for when I start posting my ‘work’. If you don’t have an Instagram account then I will also be doing monthly round-up posts on here.

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