What’s In My Stationery Drawer? Part 2

Hello and welcome to the second part of my What’s In My Stationery Drawer? series. I guess it’s not really a series, it’s just two posts because if I put everything in one it would be really long. Although who knows when I buy new stationery, which lets be real we all know I will, I’ll make more posts about it. If you haven’t seen my part one, make sure you check that out first. I show you all my notebook collection (I have a lot). This post will be all about my other stationery items.


The first items to be featured in this post are three writing sets that I think are so cute and something that adds that extra touch rather than using normal paper. Both the paper sheets and envelopes are decorated with beautiful designs. I chose these three as I think they’re elegant (maybe not the owls one) and I know if I was to receive a letter on paper like this, I’d think the sender has put more effort and thought into it. I don’t really have many people to send letters to so these will probably last me a while.


The next item is this week planner which I bought a while before Christmas and haven’t even touched yet. This is because my life doesn’t need planning right now. I have pretty basic days and don’t want to waste such a beautiful schedule planner on my boring life. I purchased these with the view to using them in the future more than using them right now.


These are simple thank you cards and other note cards which I bought to send to people to say thank you for my 21st birthday presents last year. I ended up sending the ones on the left as they are actual cards whereas the ones on the right are simply cards. In the pack on the right there is also cards that say: hello, just a note and thinking of you. These cards are perfect and can be used for almost any occasion. You just want to send someone a little note to say hi then you’re sorted. Is someone you know going through a tough time? Send them a thinking of you card. These cards are so versatile and something great to always have in ready for those spur of the moment letter sendings.


I first of all bought this book as a present for someone and then upon a future visit to the same shop found they still had a few in, so I decided to pick one up for myself. I’m trying to improve myself and keep away from toxic things in life. Right now that’s quite difficult for me to achieve but hopefully I will reach a point where I can focus purely on myself and making sure that I’m in tune with my body and it’s thoughts and feelings. I purchased this for myself in preparation for when I am ready to embrace it fully.


I’ve had these for a while and as you may be able to tell, they’re still in their wrappers. I want to savour them for as long as I can. I bought them with the purpose to look pretty. I just thought the packaging was adorable and they’ll be used at some point, just not any time soon.


I love stickers but have a sticker commitment issue. Once a sticker is stuck on a surface that’s it. There’s no going back. And I don’t think I’m ready for that. That being said, I bought these stickers to decorate pages. I’m going to try and get into scrapbooking so these will be great. The sticker pack with all the food on is scented and the pale stars etc glow in the dark which is awesome.


Washi tape is a recent love of mine but as I mentioned, I’m going to be scrapbooking and washi tape is the perfect thing when sticking things in. I had to get the decorative tapes because they were just sitting there and there’s so many designs which I can use for all different things.


These sticky tabs are perfect for labelling things and also marking pages in a book/notebook/textbook. I am a sucker for motivational quotes so I love the designs of them. The plain thin tabs are great as well because you can write your own note on them and the colours are incredible.


These aren’t typical stationery items but I love them so much I had to include them. I’ve had them for a good few years now but they’re so good I had to mention them. The photo corners are literally just that, photo corners. When scrapbooking or you want to put a photo somewhere you can simply put a few of these on the photo and stick it in. This also means that you can interchange pictures, update pictures, or just rearrange them if you want. If you stuck them in properly, they’d be stuck there forever. On that note, the double sided photo stickers are also great if you know exactly where you want something to be. I also use these double sided stickers to attach things to paper or card. They’re so versatile and just handy to have in (especially when you run out of glue).


Again, another unusual stationery item and although they may not be classified as stationery I’m including them anyway because I can. I used these to attach photos to a string on my wall instead of using bluetac. I have also used them in crafty projects and scrapbooking. They’re a great embellishment to any project and you can use them to hold a picture or papers in a book. You can paint them different colours or just leave them as they are.

And that concludes my stationery collection for now. As I said at the beginning I will be buying more stationery over the coming months/years etc. I’ll always be buying stuff so I can always add to this series one day.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series. I really would like to start a blog series but I don’t know what to base it on. If anyone has any suggestions or has a blog series going let me know.

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