A Familiar Place

I travel to a place I once knew so well,
Everything looks the same,
Yet it all seems so different,
I only know of a past version of this place,
I know not of the present,
Something has changed.

I walk down streets I used to walk down daily,
These streets were a part of me,
A part of my daily routine,
Now they’re just pavements,
They’re somebody else’s routine,
Something has changed.

I visit places I spent so much time,
Each location is filled with memories,
Memories of my friends and I,
Now memories are all we have,
And even those will fade over time,
Something has changed.

This little town is no longer mine,
There is no proof I ever existed there,
It’s now all in my mind,
I am now but a tourist,
I am no longer it’s resident,
Something has changed.

In this place I no longer belong,
My presence has no meaning,
I am merely a passerby,
Although it’s a place I once called home,
It doesn’t feel like it was ever home,
Something has changed.

Yes I was born and raised elsewhere,
But here is where I grew,
It was here I became an adult,
This place made me who I am today,
Everything has changed,
But most importantly… so have I.

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