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Hey everyone,

I currently have 7 posts in very basic form in my drafts. I’ve picked out 4 contenders for my next post and was wondering which one people would want to see first. Below I’m going to reveal the titles of these posts and give a brief description of each post. All you have to do is vote on the poll which is live on my twitter (and will be for the next few days) or let me know in the comments below which one you want to see first.

1) Shout Out To My Face
Over the past few years I’ve come to accept my face for all of it’s many flaws and seen things I actually kind of like. This post is a look into my journey into accepting my face for what it is, because I’m stuck with it forever so I may as well accept it sooner rather than later. I’ll also include a brief tutorial on how I do my make up (either in picture form or as a video, I haven’t decided which yet).

2) My 2017 Reading List
As mentioned in my ‘Goals For 2017‘ post I mentioned that I wanted to read at least 8 books this year (low count explained in mentioned post). I will include pictures of the books and include the blurb description for anyone who is interested in checking out new books.

3) What’s In My Stationery Drawer?
I am a stationery addict. I cannot pass a shop that sells stationery without going in and having a cheeky browse and inevitably buying something. Over the past few years I’ve come to end up with a drawer full of stationery (and more dotted around). I thought this would be an insight into me and the kind of things I like. I may also do a video tour of my drawer but that’s undecided as of yet.

4) Living In The Real World
My last post was a piece of creative writing about ‘Living In A Dream World‘, I thought it’d be cool to do a sequel to this. Although this is creative writing it is kind of based on my life, as I probably have been living in a dream world for too long and now I’m being exposed to the real world on a regular basis, no matter how hard I try to block it out. Basically I’m in denial about living in this world and this is kind of a coping thing, I guess.

I will post the poll on my Twitter so be sure to check that out and follow me if you haven’t already. Obviously some of the titles won’t fit into the poll selection so I may abbreviate a few of them, but they will stay in the mentioned order.

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