Living In A Dream World

In my world everything is viewed through rose tinted glasses. Everything and everyone is deemed good unless proven otherwise. I filter the bad things out of life and replace them with positivity. I’ve built this little world as an escape from reality. Life here is good. I feel safe in my world. The barriers I’ve built over the years are still going strong, ensuring only a privileged few gain to access to my world.

In my world everything happens for a reason. Life really is a rollercoaster, as Ronan Keating once said “life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it”. Without the bumps, the rollercoaster would be boring. Life is the same. The bumps, no matter how heartbreaking, make life interesting. When you think about it, life as a concept is boring; you’re born, you live and then you die. Life’s bumps just show that you’ve lived. You went out there and tried to make something work. Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes you will fail.

In my world everything is like a fairytale with the perfect ‘happily ever after’ ending. You overcome something or someone, you meet your Prince Charming who sweeps you off your feet, get married and then start a family with them. Living in perfect harmony until death do you part. Fairytales have always led me to believe that good and kind people always win against the bad guys, so why should reality be any different.

In my world everything happens based on karma. You do good things, you receive good things in return. People who work hard get to where they want to be. People who live and work in others shadows finally get recognition. People who truly deserve to be given a chance get given a chance to prove themselves.

In my world everything is simple. People know where they stand with others. People can achieve their dreams without having to risk everything. People are treated as equals. People are treated as humans should be treated. People are entitled to life saving surgeries without having to remortgage their houses or sell precious possessions.

In my world good and honest people win. But my world isn’t real. It’s all fake. A coping mechanism to make me feel better about the world. Each day my world breaks down a little. I’m coming to realise the true extent of how cruel the real world can be. My world is under threat, but I won’t let the real world tear me or my dreams down. One day, I will be a winner.

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