I only really buy presents for my close family which includes: my mum and dad, my brother and his girlfriend and her daughter. After the initial not knowing what to get people I quickly rattled through my present buying and then wrapped them up at the start of the month and have been ready for Christmas since then. There are a few presents that I’m really excited to give this year so I thought I’d share those with you.

The first present isn’t technically a present I’m giving but I’m adding to it with my present. Let me explain. My brother asked me if our mum would want a Pandora bracelet so I was like “yeah sure” (totally didn’t let him know that I was thinking of getting her one for her next birthday -_-). So I’m excited for her to open that and find out what it is, but I also bought her a cute charm to start the bracelet off. The charm is a silver heart which has engraving on it which reads “first my mother” on one side and “forever my friend” on the other side. It’s a really cute charm which I hope she’ll like.

The next present I’m excited to give is one for my brother. This is more of an additional present not a main present but I hope he’ll like it all the same. When I was young, probably like 5 or 6, my brother had a small fruit machine and I was playing with it and basically I broke the handle. So this year I decided to buy him a replacement one which I hope he’ll love. I also got my brother the ‘Plug and Play Retro TV Games’ thing I mentioned in my Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10 post.

The final present I’m excited to give is for my brothers girlfriend’s daughter. She’s 11 (almost 12) so she’s kind of outgrowing toys so I made a conscious effort to give her more ‘grown up’ gifts that are still appropriate for a pre-teen. I decided to buy her some fairy lights to make her bedroom look cute. When I moved into my house for second and third year of university I bought some lights and put them around my bed and it made my room feel so much more homely. The lights I bought for her are little stars with a warm white light which are super cute. I really hope that she likes them.

I hope you enjoyed reading which presents I’m most excited to give this year. What presents are you excited to give this year?

There are only 3 more posts left in blogmas. I think we all know that I completely failed my whole ‘new post at 7pm’ thing. But lets just appreciate the fact that I am trying and technically haven’t missed a day, I’ve always posted before I’ve gone to bed.


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