Taking a quick break from the Christmassy posts, I decided to make a post about my favourite beauty products (the ones I use on a mostly daily basis). I have quite pale skin so finding products (especially foundation) can be a real struggle, however I’ve found a good set of products that really work with my skin and don’t make me look like I’ve been tangoed.


Starting this favourites list off with the product I use first, foundation. I’ve been through quite a few different foundations (brands and shades) and the one that I’ve been using for the past few years is Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in shade 010: light porcelain. This foundation goes on really well, I use a beauty blender and it creates a nice even look, and even better the colour matches my skin so well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a similar skin tone to me, and even if you don’t there are more shades in the range. To me it feels so light and doesn’t feel cakey at all.

Similarly to my problem with foundation, I also struggled to find a concealer that matched my skin colour. I also went through a few brands and shades of concealer before I purchased the concealer that I now swear by, the Collection Cover Up Stick in shade 01: light translucent. This concealer works really well to hide the bags under my eyes and concealing any other parts of my face that the foundation might not cover as well. The foundation and concealer blend together really well, and the concealer can even double as a slight highlighter which is great on my dark circles.

I use powder to set my foundation and concealer. I’m pretty easy when it comes to powders, as long as the colour matches my skin tone I’m not really fussed what brand it is. The powder(s) I’m currently using are Collection Pressed Powder in shade 18: ivory and shade 02 tender touch. The ivory powder is quite white I found, and whilst I find it good in the winter months, I sometimes feel like I look completely washed out so I use the tender touch powder kind of as a slight bronzer. I don’t really get along with bronzer because I find it’s too dark for me, so using a slightly darker powder works great for me.


I don’t really wear eyeshadow a lot and when I do I mostly wear neutral colours. I also tend to just use one colour at a time as I haven’t quite mastered the whole multi shade and blending thing yet. The eyeshadow palette I use is the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette. There are 6 shades: white chocolate, buttercream, biscuit, chocolate milk, brown sugar and espresso (light to dark). I tend to mostly use biscuit and chocolate milk, sometimes I’ll try to add some espresso in the corner and blend it in but it doesn’t always go well. For what I use it for, this palette is perfect.

I have a love-hate relationship with eyeliner. I like wearing it and when it goes right I feel like such a badass, but when it goes wrong I end up hating life. And then there’s the problem of trying to get both eyes to match. Lets be real that hardly ever happens. Anyway, when I do choose to wear eyeliner I use Collection’s Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner. I love the felt tip eyeliners so much because it’s a smoother application than pencil and it’s literally just like drawing with a marker pen. The thickness of the felt tip on this eye liner is perfect for me. I’m not a fan of the thinner tips because if I’m going to wear eyeliner, I’m going to go with thick lines so I feel extra badass (especially when you wear a badass outfit as well and you feel invincible).

I have 3 favourite lipsticks at the moment. They’re not all daily lipsticks, I’d probably only wear one maybe two of these on a daily basis.
The first lipstick is Rimmel in the shade 810: one-of-a-kind. It’s quite a dark lipstick (perfect for when you want to look badass) and being the pale person I am it is quite contrasty so I have to be careful as to what I wear it with in terms of clothing.

07_lipstickThe next lipstick is an MUA lipstick which I think is shade 13, I really don’t know because I took the label off ages ago but having looked up MUA lipsticks shade 13 looks most like the one I have. I really like this lipstick, it was my first staple red lipstick I bought and I love it so much. I’ve only been into wearing lipstick for just over a year I’d say, but I quickly fell in love with this lipstick. It’s such a smooth applicator and such a nice colour. It’s sort of an orangey red colour but it is great.

08_lipstickThe final lipstick is one that I’ve had for a while but never really worn until recently and I don’t know why because it is the perfect every day lipstick. It’s another Rimmel lipstick, this time in shade 120: be bold. It’s a much more neutral colour than the other lipsticks mentioned. It’s a great lipstick to keep in your bag for those last minute evening’s out. Or did you forget about that important person coming to the office? Crack out the lipstick, then you won’t look like you forgot.


I don’t have one particular perfume that I use, I literally use whatever people buy me as long as I like the smell. The two perfumes I currently have and use are: Britney Spears’ Curious and Jimmy Choo’s Flash. I tend to use the Britney Spears’ one on a more day to day basis and the Jimmy Choo for more formal occasions. The Britney Spears perfume has kind of a floral and sweet smell, whereas I find the Jimmy Choo one stronger and almost smokey smelling. The Jimmy Choo perfume tends to stick around for longer than the Britney Spears perfume and also clings to clothes.

11_micellar_waterMICELLAR WATER
When it comes to the end of the day and I come to take my make up off, I go through quite a routine. I use a facial wipe to get rid of the majority of the make up and then I use Simple Micellar Cleansing Water to completely cleanse my face. Admittedly this micellar water is the first one I’ve bought and used, however I can’t fault it. It does a great job of clearing my face of make up and it leaves my face feeling fresh.

There are the beauty products that I’m loving/using at the moment. When I find a good make up product I tend to use it until the product is discontinued. I pray that the products mentioned don’t get discontinued as I love them all so much and would be lost without them.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post from me. I know I’m really bad at describing make up but I never claimed to be any good, I’m literally just listing the products that I’m loving.



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