This is only going to be a short post because I feel like I just needed to take a break. I did have a post planned to write but after a weekend of working I didn’t really feel like writing it.

There’s only 6/7 days left of blogmas and I honestly can’t believe I’ve lasted this long. I was expecting myself to give up after a while. I know my posts probably haven’t been the best in terms of topics and quality of writing, but I feel like almost forcing myself into writing posts everyday is slowly training my brain into actually blogging. I’ve had multiple previous blogs that have all failed because I’ve given up on them. I’m actually going to try and keep this blog going for as long as I can. I hope the I can improve the quality of my blog in the new year with different kinds of posts, including creative writing, personal experiences and goals for the future.

I also just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read, liked or commented on any of my blog posts. I really do appreciate it and it makes my day to see people interacting with my blog.

I’m probably going to go and get a hot chocolate, snuggle up in bed whilst reading for a bit and then get a good nights sleep. Hopefully I’ll feel more lively in the morning.


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