Since there’s only 8 days left until Christmas, I thought today would be a great time to write a quick letter to Santa.


Dear Santa,

Long time no write… sorry about that. I guess I figured out that it was just easier to tell my parents what I wanted for Christmas instead of writing a letter and then sending it to you. So a lot’s happened since I last wrote to you, I’ve probably grown a lot height wise. I’m now around 5ft 7, although I don’t think I grew that much in high school. I’m pretty sure I had my growth spurt early and then let everyone else play catch up.

Anyway enough of the chit chat, let’s get down to business… how’s Mrs Claus doing? And Rudolph? Sorry I haven’t left any carrots out for him over the last I don’t even know how many years. I hope we’re still cool even though I don’t technically believe in you anymore.

You’re probably wondering whilst I’m rambling on like this and not asking for presents, well truth be told I don’t really want much this year. I’m in a position where if I want anything I can just buy it myself. And I stopped asking for expensive presents after I realised that it was my parents buying the presents and not you. Sure I wish I had a new phone, a new computer, a new music system, a really fancy DSLR and some lights but I’m not going to ask for them, I’m going to work for them myself.

All that I ask for this year is that my family has a great Christmas and enjoys one day without thinking about ‘real world’ problems. I know that’s probably way out of your control as Santa but I just thought I’d ask.

Well I guess that’s all I have to say really. Sorry that this wasn’t your the typical kind of letter you get, I thought I’d be slightly different this year. Hope all is well and Christmas doesn’t stress you out too much.

Love Emma


And that was my letter to Santa. Not your typical letter to Santa but I really don’t want much for Christmas, I don’t really need much. I hope Santa’s down to catch up some time, probably best to arrange a date after Christmas though, when he’s less busy you know.

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