Once I see the Coca Cola advert I know Christmas is just around the corner. The Coca Cola truck goes on tour during November and December, visiting numerous places across the country. I have yet to go and see the actual truck but it is definitely something I would love to do in future years. There are still a couple of stops left on this years tour so if you’re nearby it might be worth checking it out, more information can be found here.

In this post I will be listing a few of my all time favourite Christmas adverts.

This British department store has been producing Christmas adverts since 2007 and every year the anticipation to see what they come up with grows as you desperately want it to top the previous years. My favourite of the John Lewis adverts was the one from 2014 entitled “Monty the Penguin“. I don’t know what it is about this advert that I love so much, I think it’s just seeing a child playing with a toy whilst imagining that they are a real thing. I also find the whole toy being lonely plot to be very clever as I know I always worry about hurting my stuffed animals toys when I drop them or put them somewhere they don’t normally go. Everyone has that one toy that they love so to see that bond on a Christmas advert is sweet.

I also love the 2011 advert “The Long Wait” which follows a little boy counting down the days until Christmas, but not for the reason you might expect from a child so young.

I feel like since John Lewis began their more meaningful story telling Christmas adverts in 2011, more and more shops have followed suit and produced some amazing adverts, including Sainsbury’s. In 2014 Sainsbury’s launched their Christmas advert in partnership with The Royal British Legion to commemorate extraordinary events of Christmas 1914 (WWI) when guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man’s land and shared gifts and even played football together. I feel like this advert has a very powerful message that even whilst at war, people still come together to celebrate Christmas in some peace. The fact that even whilst at war with each other, both armies traded supplies gives you some hope that people are not all evil, there is still some sense of humanity in the world. In addition to the Christmas advert Sainsbury’s also did a story behind the advert video which helps explain the adverts meaning in more detail.

Even Heathrow Airport are getting in on the Christmas advert action. I think this advert is really cute and reminds you of the importance of family at Christmas. No matter many miles are between family members, there is always a way to get home to celebrate with your loved ones. For me Christmas is a time when I know I either want to be at home with my family, or in the future I want to invite my immediate family over so we can always celebrate together.

Yes, even Amazon have Christmas adverts now. It was one of those adverts that I didn’t instantly recognise as being a Christmas advert, in fact at first I didn’t know what the advert was for. The advert shows a Priest and an Imam catching up over a cup of tea. They soon both realise the other has problems with their knees. After the Imam leaves they are both seen to go on Amazon and order something. The next day you see them receiving a parcel (off the other person) and it soon becomes apparent that they both had the same idea and bought the other the same thing. This advert is so important as it shows 2 communities coming together and looking out for each other. The Priest and the Imam could have just bought the knee pads for themselves, but the fact that they bought them for each other means so much more.

For my final Christmas advert, I want to talk about this German advert that was released in 2015 but only really became popular this year (in the UK at least, I’m not sure about Germany). This advert features a relatively old man who lives alone with his dog. His family calls him to tell him that they won’t be able to make it home for Christmas this year and that they’ll try again next year. You then see the man sitting at a large dining table eating alone whilst wearing his best clothes. You then see this man’s family in different parts of the world finding out that their father/grandfather has passed away. His family are brought together at his funeral and once it’s over they all go back to his house, only to find the dining table all set and their dad/grandfather is in fact still alive. He then tells his family that this was the only way he could bring all his family together again. The family is then seen enjoying ‘Christmas’ together and enjoying each others company. Whilst I don’t agree that tricking an entire family into thinking someone died just so they would all reunite is right, I do see and accept the message that you should spend time with your family, including grandparents, because you never know which one could be their or anybody else’s last. Fortunately I live(d) locally to my grandparents so I saw them regularly growing up and I still see my Nan pretty regularly. It’s easy to forget about the older people in your family, but if they live alone after losing partners the days can get lonely, especially around the holiday season. This advert really does hit home that you should be spending as much time as possible with your family.

And that was a few of my favourite Christmas adverts. I’m sure there are so many more but I would be here forever listing them all and nobody wants to sit and read all that. I’d be surprised if anyone reads all the way to the end of this. If you did leave a comment with your favourite Christmas advert(s), I’d love to be reminded of some of the older ones I may have completely forgotten about.


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