When I move out and properly become an adult I want to make Christmas a huge celebration and go full out with decorations and getting into the festive spirit. There are a few traditions that I’d love to start and continue with my future family. Today’s post is going to be dedicated to sharing those future Christmas goals.

I absolutely love fairy lights, so my future house is definitely going to have quite a few hanging both inside and out. There’s something pretty magical about relaxing in a room lit solely by fairy lights. I also can’t wait to have my own full size Christmas tree. The one I have is great and it fits in the space I have but I’d love to have my own 6ft tree.

When I was in school we used to give to the Operation Christmas Child appeal and I would love to do something like this again in the future. I’d love to give a child a present who may not be in a position to receive any. There are numerous local toy appeals which help give presents to less fortunate children. All you have you do is buy an extra present, it doesn’t need to be much to make a huge difference to a child’s day.

This is a tradition that I won’t be starting by myself, but will when/if I have a family of my own. I love that you can build a box of items, from cozy pyjamas to sweet treats and a Christmas movie to a cuddly toy, and enjoy the day/evening as a family. For me Christmas Eve has always been a normal day and this year I’m working on it. I would love to create a fun filled festive day in preparation for Santa to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.

I’ve heard/seen some great ways to help children believe in the magic that is Santa, everything from leaving a key outside for Santa to get in (obviously not a real key) to leaving footprints around the chimney. For me I’d love any future children I have to believe in Santa for as long as possible so I’d love to do something special to help keep the magic alive.

I love to document memories so I would definitely try to go out on a wintery morning and try to photograph as many wintery/Christmasy things as possible. I many even turn it into a mini photo shoot with family. Photographs are a great way to document a moment in time. Not enough people are still printing pictures out and putting them in frames, but I would love my house to be filled with photo frames.

Who doesn’t love a good advent calendar? I know I do. I usually just buy a chocolate advent calendar because they’re cheap and don’t really take up much time. However I would love to create my own advent calendar, either for a future partner or children. In the run up to Christmas you just want to open presents so why not buy small treats, wrap them up and open them each day leading up to Christmas. They don’t have to be expensive treats, it can just be a bar of chocolate, but the wrapping paper will make it feel much more exciting.

Friends are so important and life gets so busy that you end up hardly seeing them. I would love to host a girly sleepover where we can have our own mini Christmas celebrations and just enjoy each others company. Build blanket/pillow forts, watch cheesy films, eat junk food, have makeovers but most importantly, enjoy time with the people you care about most.

Those are just a few things that I have on my ‘future Christmas goals’ list. I did a similar kind of post on day 3 of blogmas listing a few places I’d love to go over the Christmas season.

What kind of Christmas traditions do you have or want to have in the future? Let me know. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Maybe I’ll add a few more to my list.


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