In my very first blogmas post I did a Christmas tag and answered the question ‘do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts more?’ and I said giving. I do prefer giving gifts than receiving them, mostly because I like to see people’s faces when they open a gift I’ve given them. I love giving people gifts no matter how small. I always find that the unexpected gifts are the best because you can completely catch a person off guard.

I feel like as you get older you ask for less each year because you either simply don’t want anything or anything you do want you can just buy yourself. Meaning that anything you do see that you want, people offer to buy you that thing for Christmas, which kind of ruins the surprise of opening presents.

For me I genuinely prefer giving other people presents because I hate asking for presents, especially the ones that cost money. I’ve always been conscious of money because I was brought up knowing that money is sometimes scarce. I know that asking for expensive presents means people having to do without other things, which is why I don’t ask for much.

For the past 3 Christmas’ plus the one upcoming, I’ve been able to buy people more presents because I’ve had help with finance, whether that be student finance whilst at university or having a part time job. I love to give presents, both expensive and the more DIY kind. I especially want to give gifts to the people who have given me the most in my life, some sort of small thank you for everything everyone has done for me. There are some people who I know I will never be able to repay but knowing that I can keep giving small gifts makes me happy.

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