Inspired by yesterday’s post theme of Christmas not having to cost a small fortune, I’m going to give you a few DIY present ideas. There are literally so many different DIY gift ideas, but I’m going to mention some of the more simple/cheapest gifts you can give.

You can easily personalise a plain phone case into the phone case of someone’s dreams. I spend forever trawling through numerous websites trying to find the perfect phone case at a price that I can actually afford. If you want to do a DIY job and make a phone case for someone you can buy a clear phone case and either paint the case or glue a design into the case (make sure to use glue that dries clear). There are numerous tutorials on YouTube on how to make a DIY phone case.

If you have actual creative skills you can always decorate a plain mug with a cool and one of a kind design. All you need is a plain mug (in whatever colour you want) and a porcelain pen or a sharpie. Again, you can probably find tutorials on YouTube.

Similar to the mug thing, if you buy a plain mousemat and some marker pens or paint you can design your own mousemat for someone. You can personalise the mousemat with the person’s name so everyone knows exactly who’s mousemat it is.

You can make your own bath products such as bath bombs and soap. I have no idea how you actually do this or what you need exactly but that’s what Google is for. I’m only here to give you ideas, not to tell you how to actually do them.

Hear me out, I’m not telling you to go and buy someone a hot drink and wrap it up because it would be cold by the time they open it and no one wants a cold hot drink. What I mean is to buy hot chocolate powder and empty the contents into a mason jar or similar kind of jar and fill another jar with mini marshmallow. If you want you can even throw in a mug so the receiver of the gift has everything they need to make the perfect hot chocolate.

Christmas is the season for baking, so if you enjoy baking this is an ideal gift for people. Simple baking ingredients don’t have to cost a lot and one batch can go a long way. Who doesn’t love home baked cookies and cakes?

Sometimes handmade presents are better appreciated than store bought presents as actual thought has gone into creating them, and you’ve actually physically made a thing especially for someone.


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