Growing up stocking was filled with cheap chocolates and chocolate coins. My stockings still consist of the same things now. I feel like some of the things people are now calling stocking fillers are just normal presents for me.

There are a few things listed in my Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10 post that I think would make great stocking fillers. Pretty much anything in the Under £5 would make great stocking fillers. In this post I’m going to try and give you a few more ideas for stocking fillers.

As well as all my chocolate, I also usually get some form of make-up. More often than not it’s foundation because it’s something I wear pretty much every day and you can get good 3 for 2 deals on the products. I also sometimes get mascara and/or eyeliner. All of the make-up I buy normally is from drugstores so they’re relatively cheap and make perfect stocking fillers.

If you know someone who loves to relax in the bath, why not buy them some bath bombs. Lush have a great selection of bath bombs, including the special Christmas bath bombs. At under £5 per bath bomb they make a perfect small stocking filler (not to mention they’ll make the stocking smell nice too).

Know a stationery mad person? Why not buy them some nice notebooks or journals and some nice pens to go with them. Any stationery lover will appreciate the gesture.

Travel sized products would make great stocking fillers and are great to use when travelling. If you know anyone who is going away soon, buy them some travel sized products that they can stock up on.

Edging towards the more expensive side of stocking fillers, jewellery always makes a great gift. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring, jewellery comes in small boxes that would fit nicely in a stocking.

You’re probably thinking clothes are a bit big for stockings and that is correct. However, cozy socks will most certainly fit into a stocking and would be greatly appreciated by all because who doesn’t love fuzzy socks.

A lot of people stream music and films online but there are still some people who appreciate having physical copies of albums and films.

Similar to CDs & DVDs, there are some people who prefer reading books on a Kindle or similar device, however, there are still people who like the feeling of holding a book. Any book worms would appreciate a new book to add to their collection or if you’re unsure as to what genre to go for you can always put a gift card in their stocking.

I hope this helps with some stocking filler ideas. Most present finding websites (Prezzy Box, IWOOT, etc.) have stocking filler present sections so it’s worth checking them out for more ideas.

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