As of today there’s only 3 weeks left until Christmas and I know it hasn’t quite reached the panic buying stages yet, but the time will go by quickly especially if you’re still struggling for ideas.

In this post I will be breaking down each week between now and Christmas and help keep you on track with looking for and buying presents.

The good news at this stage is that actually going out shopping is still a great option. You’ll have to brave the cold and the queues in shops, but there is still plenty of time even if you’re struggling for ideas. Spend a few hours at your local shopping centre and have a look around a few shops; see what deals certain shops have on, see what products are out there. You don’t have to buy anything at this stage, unless you see something perfect for someone because you don’t want to go back at a later date and find they haven’t got it anymore. A lot of shops have a quick turnaround of stock so be sure not to miss out.

Have a look online, see what’s on Amazon, check out online stores. Another thing to do is shop around where possible. If you see something in one shop, be sure to do a quick check around other similar stores and see if you can find the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. And let’s be real, most people have smart phones with internet so there’s nothing to stop you price checking online whilst shopping IRL.

At this stage, I’d try to aim to have most of my presents bought so I could avoid the crowds in shops. However, if you’re still in the process of buying presents or even worse, you haven’t started yet, all is not lost. You now just have to manage your time more wisely.

It’s important to remember at this stage (Sunday 11th December) there is only one weekend between now and Christmas. Therefore, if you work during the week and only have the weekends to shop, you really need to be making sure you’re fully prepared for your trip to the shops. If you know what you want write it down and make sure to keep referring to your list whilst you’re shopping. Then once you think you’ve done make sure you do a final check to make sure you have everything you set out to get. If you’re still unsure on exactly what to get write a list of all the people you’re buying presents for and write a couple of things that person likes next to their names. Writing peoples hobbies, likes/dislikes could help spark an idea when looking in shops or online.

I’m going to be blunt with you, at this stage you definitely should have at least started Christmas present shopping, however if you haven’t I’m not going to judge you. There is still one week left to the big day, there is still time to go Christmas shopping (and face the inevitable queues) or shop online.

If you still have zero ideas what to buy people, you can always consider gift cards. Gift cards are a simple gift but it ensures that the recipient ends up with something that they want, assuming the gift card is for somewhere the person actually shops. If all fails and you don’t know which gift card to get, go for a Amazon gift card because who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon?

Speaking of Amazon, I thought it would be good to mention when the last order date is for parcel delivery before Christmas. (Note: this is specific to the UK so be sure to check Amazon’s site in your country).

No rush delivery

Standard delivery

One day delivery – varies by item and location
Express delivery – varies by item and location – limited availability

Same day (evening delivery) – available in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Bristol. Order as late as 12 noon. (Last order time may be earlier due to limited availability)

Prime Now – exclusively available for Amazon Prime members in London, Manchester, Birmingham and more. Order as late as 9:45pm. (Last order time may be earlier due to limited availability.

Email or print a gift card

More detailed info here:

Dates and information about eBay Christmas delivery:

In the next couple of posts I will be giving you more specific present ideas so be sure to check those out if you still need ideas for gifts.

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