My mum always begins putting Christmas decorations up on the first of the month. She likes to put the decorations up in the front windows first and then work on the rest of the decorations another day. We’ve never had outdoor decorations and our indoor decorations are years old; they’re all brightly coloured and old fashioned, but I kind of like it because it’s the same every year. It’s like stepping back in time to Christmas’ past. I never usually bother putting decorations up in my bedroom but last year I bought a small Christmas tree so that my housemates and I had somewhere to put each other’s presents. This year I decided to make use of this tree and put it up in my room.


I’ve spent the last 3 December’s away from home and those Christmas’ were the ones that didn’t feel like Christmas. As I said at the beginning of this post, my mum starts putting decorations up on the first of the month and being away from home means being away from Christmas decorations. There were attempts made during my university life; people in my university halls put tinsel up, we tried to make our house more homely and Christmasy but those were all on a student budget. The Christmas tree I bought was around £5 and all the decorations were from Poundland, no expenses were spared. I’m hoping that this year Christmas will feel more like Christmas because I am home for the foreseeable future.

Putting decorations on the Christmas tree yesterday took me back to my childhood because we have a fibre optic tree now so we don’t have to put decorations on it. I mean I guess we could but we don’t. Although I’ve always loved Christmas, I feel like I’m seeing it more through an adult’s eyes now and I am so excited to celebrate Christmas’ with my own family. I can’t wait to buy my own decorations and decorate my own house for the festive season.

I feel like when I’m older I’ll end up buying a bazillion Christmas decorations and going completely OTT but I will have no regrets because my house will be festive and warm.

Hope everyone’s had a great day. Have you all put your decorations up? When do you usually put them up? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts about Christmas decorations.

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