I Graduated!

Thursday 24th November 2016 marks the day I officially completed 17 years of education and unwillingly became an adult.

University was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget; with highs and lows. I found each of my three years difficult in different ways from family issues to more personal battles. Overall my experience of university is very neutral but I did make some amazing friends who I wouldn’t have otherwise met and I am very grateful for that.

Three years of hard work (although I procrastinated a lot) later and I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with a 2:1 in Television Production. I received the certificate through the post and the countdown to graduation day began. Most graduations take place in the summer but mine didn’t take place until the end of November.

On the day of graduation I put on my new pretty dress (thanks boohoo), donned a lovely pair of black heels (thanks new look) and headed to our graduation location. After I registered and received my seat number for the ceremony I made my way to pick up my cap and gown. Once I had them on I instantly felt like I was playing a dress up game. Surely I’m not old enough to be graduating university already? I then had my official graduation pictures taken; spoiler alert the scroll you see people holding isn’t as fancy as it looks, ours was literally a plastic tube with a red ribbon around it. It was then time for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony itself was kinda long and towards the end it got a bit boring. I understand reading out names and them walking across the stage takes time, but there was so many lengthy speeches followed by an awkward sing-a-long (if you can call it that, not many people sang along).

After the ceremony I met up with my parents and went for refreshments. I then finally had time to meet up with friends and have a proper chat. Most people from my course got together and we had a group picture of us tossing our caps in the air. [Side note: those things hurt if they hit you on the head, especially if it’s the corner of the hat that hits you.]

There really isn’t much to say about graduation ceremonies other than lots of speeches, lots of clapping and a 10 second (if that) walk across a stage (praying that you don’t fall over).

I will do a more in depth post in the future sometime about my university experiences and perhaps compare my expectations with what actually happened. To close this post I will include a picture of me playing dress up at graduation.

The best picture of me from the day was a selfie I took on snapchat (of course it was)

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