A Fresh Start

With this new blog I feel the need to relaunch my social media accounts by making them more ‘appropriate’ and relevant to the person I want to become through this blog. Currently the links on the side of my blog are pre-existing social media accounts that I’ve had for years. It’s not that I don’t want people finding those accounts, I’m never going to pretend they don’t exist because they do, it’s more that I don’t (or wouldn’t) feel comfortable using those accounts to promote anything to do with this blog. I want new accounts that would be separate from my personal accounts and represent me in a more ‘professional’ way.

I know it seems a bit drastic to make new brand new accounts just because I want to grow and try to become a more confident and free person, however the way I see it is that I’m starting on a completely blank canvas and I’m free to post the things I really want to post without the fear of people I know seeing and judging me (especially during this awkward transition phase).

I will update the links on the sidebar once the accounts are up and running, I’ll also make a post so people know about them and can potentially go and check them out.

Emma Jayne

TWITTER: imemmajayne
INSTAGRAM: imemmajayne
BLOGLOVIN: imemmajayne
PINTEREST: imemmajayne

FACEBOOK: imemmajayne
WRITING: emmajaynewrites
EMAIL: imemmajayneblog@gmail.com

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